[Music + Lyrics] Jerryo - Jehovah You Too Much

Onuoha Ifeanyi Jeremiah AKA Jerryo, a singer/songwriter, worshiper and choir leader who hails from Nigeria Imo State but currently based in Akwa-Ibom State. He started singing when he was 10 years in the church… Jerryo has written so many songs and recorded his debut single HE CARES.

‘Jehovah You Too Much’ is a praise song that portraits the love of God towards us… how he died for us on the cross.

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LYRICS: “Jehovah You Too Much” BY Jerryo.

Glory be to the Lord in the highest… Halle Halle Halle hallelujah..
[Chorus] Jesus you love me too much oo (too much oo)
You love me too much oo (too much oo) *2
Your love na excess love to(too much oo)*2
Am grateful you died for my sins (too much oo) am happy you died on the cross (too much oo)
Jehovah you too much oo(too much oo)
Jehovah you too much
Oo (too much oo)
Jehovah you do well oo (too much oo)
Baba you too much oo (you too much oo).
Come on Someone celebrate Jesus
Verse 1When you came you died for my sins on the cross you shed your blood you delivered me you set me free baba you too much eeh (too much eeh) *2
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